CryPvP | 2.0

AalphaNord tag posted Aug 1, 17

Hello everyone,

Welcome to CryPvP version 2.0, I will be going over everything that's being added/changed this map in this thread.

General Information:

  • The overworld world border is 10,000 x 10,000.
  • The nether world border is 2,500 x 2,500.
  • The end not buildable.


  • KoTH
    King of the hill has now been added.

  • Supply Drops
    Supply crates will be dropped every 3rd hour on the server. 22 Chests will be dropped with loot.

  • Mob Stacker
    Mobs are now stacking. Creepers, cows are not stacking.

  • Kits
    Default kits have been revamped.

  • Creepers
    There is now a 20% of getting a TNT when killing a creeper.

  • New map & Warzone
    The map has been reset.

  • Bugs / Patches
    The server, in general, has been very improved, a lot of bugs have been fixed and a lot of small details are added to make a better experience for the players.

We hope everyone is excited, and we look forward to reading everyone's constructive thoughts on this maps additions/changes.

- AalphaNord  - Mathiaslk3